a weekend in tobermory

so about a month ago, i took a trip to tobermory, ontario with one of my friends. her cottage is about an hour away from Bruce Peninsula National Park where the main attractions in tobermory are located. we made an impromptu decision to visit the park and the famous grotto at the end of the cyprus lake trail. i’ve always wanted to go to tobermory because it looks so so beautiful, but given that it’s about a four hour drive from my house, i’ve never made the trip.  obviously, we went in the winter which was a great decision. the park was much less busy (we only saw about three other groups of people), we were able to talk with one of the people working there, and we didn’t have to worry about getting in other people’s way.


initially, we were skeptical about the skill level involved because everyone we passed entering the park was there to snowshoe, cross-country ski, or looked like serious hikers. after awhile though, we realized the hike was pretty easy even with all the snow. we were well prepared with water, and appropriate winter clothes though. we hiked in total for about three hours, out to the grotto and the bay and then back to our car. afterwards, we went for a beer at the tobermory brewing company in town to celebrate our hike.

i just wanted to use this post to share some of the photos we took along the way. i’ve been using some of them throughout my blog so there are some images you may recognize. i would really like to return in the summer, but it can get crazy busy, and the quiet of a winter hike was really something i appreciated on this trip.


let me know if you’ve ever been to tobermory and what you’d recommend seeing and doing next time i go back!


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